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Kevin Norton (‘14), Lauren Mansell (‘12), Justin Cardenas (‘12), MIckey Sims (‘12), Megan Vaughn (‘12), Michala BUzzard (‘12), Cindy Glipin (‘12), and Ryan Chadwell (‘12) dance in a line at prom. “I had a really great time and I can’t wait to go next year,” Norton said.

Prom is known as a huge dance at the end of the year for seniors to celebrate their late moments together, but it is more than that.

Prom was held for the Class of 2012 on Saturday, April 28 in Shepherdsville at theParoquetSpringsConvention Center. Of course prom had the DJ, dancing, laughs and memories, but there was a long process to prepare the big night.

For the first time in a long time the Student Council decided to hold elections for Prom king and queen. As soon as seniors walked into the doors, they were handed an index card and asked to vote on a king and queen. Only seniors could vote, not the guests who were underclassmen.

The prom king and queen winnners were Nathaniel Bell (‘12) and Kidada Dowell (‘12).

“It was cool to win the title of prom king but I was also shocked because I didn’t think I would win,”Bell said.

Of course the controversy of allowing prom king and queen voting was still an issue even though it was allowed. Some seniors liked the idea while others did not agree with it.

Corey Stevens (‘12) felt it was unfair how the requirements for candidates was selected feeling it was to his disadvantage.

“It wasn’t fair at all. I got suspended before prom and wasn’t allowed to run which I don’t think is fair because it ruined my chance of claiming the title I wanted,” Stevens said.

Others like Telly ‘Sonny’ Patterson (‘12) felt the ceremony itself was akward for all the wrong reasons.

“It was akward that there was a prom king and queen ceremony because nobody ever votes for the right reasons. It’s all a popularity contest. It was just akward for everyone to just stand there,” Patterson said.

Although things did not please everyone, the night was still fun at some point for people and their friends for different reasons.

“My favorite thing was being able to dress up and just have a good time with everyone,”Bellsaid.

The night was also a success to Patterson as everything went well and turned out successful, even though the night did not look to be very exciting at the beginning.

“It was a little dull when we first got there but it got better. Prom was a good time, there was no drama and was not dirty fun. Everything was clean, a good time and the best thing was having my dinner paid twice; before the prom and after the prom,” Patterson said.

Randolphhad different feelings about prom. It was not what she expected it to be and felt it could have been better.

“Prom was kind of boring so I left early. It was pretty and the teachers did a good job setting up the place but it could have been better. Everyone looked beautiful and that’s about it,”Randolph said.

Everyone had fun spending the night on the dance floor and creating their final memories of high school. Shane Duncan (‘12) just moved here a few months ago and felt the night turned out to be a great time.

“Being able to hangout with friends was the best. It was fun dancing with everyone. Prom is definitely what I expected it to be,”Duncan said.

Stevens also felt the night was a success in fun and memories with friends. He will never forget prom night.

“You’ve been in high school for four years and you want to remember prom with friends, pictures and just being with the people you love. It is the last party with friends before college,” Stevens said.

Megan Vaughn (‘12) also felt the night was a great way to spend final moments with her friends.

“Prom was crazy and being around friends and dancing made the night the best.

Prom was a success for both the seniors and the teachers as they spent their final moments of high school together and on the dance floor.

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