Ruttley invited to All Star tryouts

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Jermaine Ruttley will have the opportunity to try out for the Kentucky All-Stars High School team on April 22 at Georgetown College.

Ruttley’s hard work this season has given him this opportunity that will help his performance and reputation be known to those around the state.

“I think the competition will be great. Personally, I think I’m a 10 player. It is a great opportunity to get exposure,” Ruttley said.

However, the work that Ruttley has put in this season is not the only reason for his choosing. The work he has dedicated to his team since day one has helped his chances of being picked.

“I think my playing this season played a huge part for me being picked, but I think it’s really based off your whole high school career. My sophomore year was good as well as my senior year,” Ruttley said.

After the tryouts, a Kentucky’s Mr. and Mrs. Basketball Award Ceremony will be held in Louisville on April 28. Finally, Ruttley will find out if he will make the team on May 1.

If Ruttley makes the team, he will be able to play with the team during June 8 and 9 at Freedom Hall in Louisville against the India All-Star Classic.

“I really want to play for this team because after I broke my leg my junior year I fell off the map. This team will give me the opportunity to show that I’m still a good player,” Ruttley said.

Ruttley will tryout April 22 and hopes to make the team to improve his performance.

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