Mrs. Lirot retires after 28 years

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Nearing the end of this year, Mrs. Patty Lirot knows that retirement is only a new chapter in her life.

Being in the profession 28 years, Mrs. Lirot has had the opportunity to share her love of business through an application which she felt was her calling.

With a degree in education and an emphasis on business, Mrs. Lirot, a North Hardin graduate, would begin her career at the school in 1985. Over the years Lirot cannot recount one specific memory, but remembers it as a wonderful whole.

“I have been a bridesmaid, register attendant and have read scripture at both weddings and funerals for quite a few of my former students. Christ has blessed me over and over with fond memories and friendships that stemmed from teaching. FCA, has given me life-long friendships. Being able to share my love for Christ and, hopefully, members accepting Him as their Savior is the ultimate blessing,” Mrs. Lirot said.

With teaching having so much impact on her life, Mrs. Lirot knows just how difficult it will be as the year ends.

“The last couples of weeks will be very difficult for me. When I was presenting the awards from the business department, tears began to fill my eyes because I knew this would be the last time I would be a part of the successes of North Hardin students,” Mrs. Lirot said.

As a mother of two children, she believes that teaching has prepared her for her new life after retirement.

“Teaching is all about learning, enhancing, and capturing the essence of life. Motherhood has been a bit easier since I chose education,” Mrs. Lirot said.

Mrs. Lirot looks forward to the times and memories with her children and family ahead, but knows that education gave her so many special memories that will never be replaced.

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