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As the school year comes to a close, so do the year’s sports and next year’s fall sports being to prepare early.
The baseball, softball, track and tennis team did a great job setting the example to the rest of the school of how a sports season be. There were no suspensions with the spring sports. They should all be proud.
The baseball team has had a winning season as they have won more games than they have lost. However, their season is far from over. They will continue with three season games and the District Tournament after school lets out.
The softball team has had a tough season but have been putting in effort and dedication that shows their talent is more than the scoreboard shows. They will also continue their season after the school year ends with one season game and the District Tournament.
Track, as always, does more than the best in their season. They placed first in the Conference meet and will also continue their season after the school year ends with the State Tournament.
Tennis did well competing in the Conference and Region matches. The team had one player, Cody Hughes (‘12), advanced to the third round in Conference.
Now, since the spring sports are ending, many fall sports have begun practices and conditioning to prepare for the fall.
The boys soccer team has been conditioning since coming back from Spring Break. They have been trying to run certain amounts of distance in a certain amount of time. They have also been practicing simple drills on the field.
The girls soccer team conditioned in February, but have stopped. Many on the team have been playing spring soccer. However, they are expected to come out for tryouts already conditioned. Better get in shape ladies!
The cross country team has been conditioning by simply what they do on a regular basis, running. They are trying to get in shape now so they have more stamina than opponents in meets when the fall starts.
The football team has started spring practice and getting used to their new head coach. They have been focusing on offense, defense and the overall game plays to be ready for the first game in the fall.
The fall sports teams, are serious about preparing for next season as many of them are working hard and having much dedication.
Last words of advice before the school year ends to future college athletes and next year athletes who plan on playing sports; Choose what you do wisely. One decision you make can determine the way your life will turn out in an instant.
Grades and school come first meaning do not think schoolwork is going to do itself. Always stay on top of your work before putting athletics first.
Remember do not abuse the privileges you have being on the team thinking it is your right. Do not use illegal substances, do underage things or do anything that is going to cost you your season, especially your senior year.
Make the time you have spent wisely. It goes by fast than you think it will. Live, learn and experience. Always think before you act.
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