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With the passage of the Senate Bill 1 in the Kentucky Senate changes will come to state testing.

                The Bill which called for a total revamp of the state testing system did so by officially removing the Kentucky Core Content Testing System and replacing it with End of Course of Exams. After battle in Congress, it finally passed after the fight at the level.

The bill also adjusted certain graduation requirements all with the hopes of better preparing students for college and ensuring school accountability, through student accountability. These new requirements won’t take effect until later school years.

In the inaugural year of the program Counselor Dan Robbins is already looking to the future.

“As the state looks at the pass rates they will continue to add more programs that we will have to further prepare for as a school,” Mr. Robbins said.

Along with the ACT and PLAN tests, students will be tested in certain areas to see where they are in accordance to state benchmarks.

                The tests will be administered to sophomores and juniors. The sophomores will take the test in their English II and Biology Courses, if they are enrolled in them. Juniors will test in the areas of Algebra II andUnited Stateshistory if enrolled in those courses.

                The application of this new system to further the schools ofKentuckyholds its roots in the fact that the test will be worth ten percent of the student’s grade. By doing this the state department hopes to ensure that the data they receive will be more accurate for better student accountability.

 “The K-Prep System will be good for accountability. I feel that most of our students are serious about the test, but this new system offers a more intrinsic feel and need to take the test since it is tied to their grade,” Mr. Robbins said.

The new system will allow for better accountability for a better education.

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