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Demetrius “Meech” Brown (‘12) has a passion for music, but has a career dream that is the complete opposite from his passion.     

Brown loves music and poetry. In his free time, he sings, writes and does things with music in and outside of school. Brown can get into any type of genre of music, but his favorite to sing is R&B and some pop.

Even though singing is a passion for Brown, he feels if he went into a music career, he would just be a songwriter for famous artists. He also wants to be a meteorologist and plans on attending Western Kentucky University.

“I’m going to college at Western Kentucky University to study meteorology and hopefully be on television one day. I’m going to be a meteorologist during the day and a songwriter at night,” Brown said.

Brown seems to have achieved popularity in high school through his unique personality.

“I talk to everyone and don’t really limit myself to the people I talk to. I’m usually quiet, but if you really know me, I’m outgoing, really goofy and just overall fun to be around,” Brown said. 

Brown is the type of person who you have to get to know before really determining his real personage.

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