Day before prom filled with several events for students

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Today will be a day busy day, with many major school events to take place in addition to the usual bustle and hustle.

The talent show, the National Honor Society’s “Pie a Teacher”, and Awards Day, which is to recognize admirable academic accomplishments, are all scheduled to take place today.

The awards ceremony is for those who participated in the Subject Awards Test and for the exemplary students who have earned academic letters this year. Two students from each core content subject area were selected to take an assessment, the top scorers of which will be recognized at the Awards ceremony.

All students who participated in testing and have earned academic letters will be called down by department, such a mathematics or English, during first, second, and third period. Letters containing specific times and other information were mailed to participating students and their parents earlier this week.

Also being held Friday is the National Honor Society’s “Pie a Teacher in the Face”. Students have been given the opportunity to pie any willing teacher in the face for one dollar, today is the last day to purchase tickets. The funds raised will go towards senior scholarships in the National Honor Society, which helps make college more affordable for seniors.

The group has raised about $150 already, with today’s numbers still needing to be tallied. Co-sponsor of the club, Mrs. Angela Cannon feels this is a good number and the having students raise money is much more beneficial.

“We use to do it at Field Day, but this way we are raising more money and have more teacher participation because the teachers will only be pied if the money is raised,” Mrs. Cannon said.

At the end of the day, students who have paid the new one dollar entrance charge will gather in the gym for the talent show, where 22 acts are scheduled to perform. The money raised during the show goes to help fund the prize money, the Student Council’s annual shop for the needy and scholarships.

Students auditioned on April 16 after school and were then selected by Student Council members, who is also responsible for the entire production of the show.

Last year the school was unable to have a talent show due to music copyrights. Co-sponsor of the Student Council, Mrs. Sandy Skeeters is glad that they have the issues resolved for this year’s talent show.

“This year the county bought a contract with various corporations to use certain music,” Mrs. Skeeters said. “Students who use music that is not part of the contract will have to purchase the rights to use it in the talent show.”

Justin Cardenas (‘12) practices for his audition in the hallway outside the choir room after school. “I felt like I was prepared for my solo audition, but not for my duet,” Cardenas said. Auditions took place on Tuesday, April 16, 2012 in the Choir room.

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