Austin Campbell

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Everyday Austin Campbell (’13) normally runs a pretty average schedule. School, work, sometimes downtime, normally spent with friends. All these come back to one though.

An inspiration, being classically defined as anything that spurs interest or ideas, takes upon a new meaning, with Campbell regarding it has his father. While many others say this to be the case of their idols too, Campbell’s feels his to be different.

“The big choices we are faced with are nothing to the small choices that I go through every day. These small choices that I am faced with, are easily tackled with the aid of my father’s wisdom, and with this wisdom I know that I can face the big decisions with the right knowledge and readiness,” Campbell said.

His Dad, his inspiration, Campbell points to the source of all his know-how, his morals and his choices.

“Every one of my choices I think about what he will say or think before I do anything. He taught me respect, and discipline, and he gave me a clear view on right and wrong and made sure I learned to pick right,” Campbell said.

Working at Papa Murphy’s Campbell takes the lessons of hard work and respect and applies them into his life, as he lives a standard that he hopes his Dad will be proud of.

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